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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Termites, Hitler and Global Warming

I just read another article on the affects of global warming and the causes. I think sometimes that I will explode. Click here to read the article. Now the environmentalist lobby has gone so far as labeling people who oppose their views as Hitler. Is that really necessary? Are you so uncomfortable with the data that backs up your plan and that you resort to raising your voice as loud as possible to over shout competing views. Besides the fact that this type of labeling is juvenile and disgusting, it also matters that the press feels the need to provide a forum for those views. Some of the people are being labeled as "ranchers" [read the story to get my pun] since they can not see into the future. I must have forgot. Are humans able to see into the future with any amount of accuracy, i.e. >1% - NO!

I agree that the world is warming and yes, we undoubtedly have some impact on that... as do termites [termites release a large percentage of methane into the air that is more directly attributable to global warming than are human carbon emissions]. And yes, we should try and limit what we put into the atmosphere. But this debate has gone to far. One of the major aspects of global warming is the impact on small island nations and their coastlines [NOT large island nations]. Yes, I think it is the human population's best interest to spend billions on trying to determine the cause of rising oceans to save the small numbers of people affected by it in these nations. God forbid, we spend the same amount of money on trying to find a cure for HIV that only affects 33 million people or how about trying to stamp out hunger? or stopping mass genocide in Dafur or.... or how about stop building cities on coastlines, on volcanoes, on major fault lines, in flood zones,...

No matter what conclusions you come to on global warming, it comes down to protecting the status quo.

If we want to limit what we put into the air, we need global limits-- that means that any and every country that has not gone through the industrial revolution never will. Those people will be condemned to live in poverty so a few favored nations' people can still have places to vacation. IT is that simple.

If you believe in global warming, then act on it everyday. It isn't as simple as buying energy saving appliances [manufacturing those same appliances probably hurts the environment more than their actual use], it mean you have to change your entire lifestyle- no more cars, no more airplane rides, no more exotic food from around the world, no more movies, no more Christmas [It makes me laugh to see a person driving a Prius with a once living tree strapped to their top so that they can feel some nostalgia. How about planting a tree instead of harvesting them for christmas, for 6,000 sqft homes,...

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Lars and the Real Girl

I was pleasantly surprised when Kent and I went to see Lars and the Real Girl. I was expecting a artsy over the top movie, but what I got was an enjoyable experience.
While I won't give away the story line or the ending, I will give Lars 4 stars. The movie was funny ,sad and uplifting all at the same time. While the premise is a bit strange, the movie is really a journey into what we are truly capable of as a society. It is refreshing to see that we, as a society, can nurture those that are having a hard time acclimating to changing surroundings.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Safari Browser

I am so tired to hearing people extol the virtues of Macs that I decided I would try some of the available options; namely the browser Safari. I cannot buy a MAC since many of the programs in my field are not stable in MAC
- yes with boot camp you can run them- but we just got an email from IT telling us that anyone using boot camp to run their specialized programs may be in dire need of IT support in the near future since MAC will no longer support boot camp- so I will not chance a program crash that took a few weeks to run due to compatibility issues.

Anyway, Safari is available for Windows XP. By the way, I cannot use Vista for the same reasons as not using a MAC. The beta version claims to beat Firefox in speed- that has yet to be seen.

Here are my issues so far; since at least one of my readers is MAC user, please feel free to enlighten me.

1. NO NEW TAB BUTTON- come on MAC get with the game.

2. Print capability does not automatically detect network printer- yes, I use a network at home- so geeky, but with multiple computers between the 2 of us, it is a necessity.

3. Loading of pages is slower; but I assume that will change once the system stores my normal pages.

4. The cursor gets lost and somehow in Blogger editing becomes a hassle since the cursor can't keep up???

5. When I save something, why doesn't it ask me if I want to rename it?

6. Where are the ADD-INS? Firefox is so successful for that very point. Open the code MAC and let the world in. I applaud anyone who can overtake the Big Bad Wold Microsoft.


Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Kid Nation

I finally succumbed to watching Kid Nation in which a group of kids are charged with running their own town in the west. First off, before we judge a group of kids, can't we first judge the adults? Show me a town where the adults do it right. Second, there is a young lady who has an attitude problem. She doesn't like to help out. She likes to bitch.

The other kids gang up on her and try to make here feel like shit verbally abusing and physically abusing her. Of course, the adults watching over the children think that this is appropriate behavior. Children should grow up immediately after falling out of their mothers- a lesson all should learn. Children should gang up on those that do not fit in.

Where has television gone when the best way to get ratings is to ridicule a young child- not young woman- young child. The child is a product of her environment; wouldn't a better solution be ridiculing her parents for their lack of skills.

Next, they give children the choice between a new arcade or new books. Guess what they choose; though a few said books would be better. Of course, the town fell apart since all the kids wanted to play and gamble instead of work. What would happen if adults were given the same choice? I really do not think it would be any different.

Again, Children are products of their environment. They mimic us. Don't expect otherwise.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Battlestar Galactica: RAZOR

Last night was the premiere of Battlestar Galactica's Short movie RAZOR. It was excellent!!

The film sets the opening sequence for the fourth and last season of one of the best Dramas, not to be labeled scifi, on television through a series of flashbacks. This is the first television example of a science fiction opera, a term given to hard science fiction books that revolve more around the people and story board than the use of technology to give a story a backbone. While it does mimic the general outline of the original series, the cinematography, the storyboard, and the musical score are better than most major films. Of the notable bonuses was the revelation that one of the characters in the last season had a lesbian affair with a cylon!!

And it had a GLAAD ad at the end. Kudos to NBC (owner of the SciFi channel)- though I don't ever remember seeing a GLAAD ad during any episode of Will and Grace.

If you liked the Wizard of OZ check this out HERE

Saturday, November 24, 2007

New Photo Albums

I have added a few new photo albums. Just click on the menu above to start viewing.

1. Zoos: San Francisco Zoo
2. Zoos: Cincinnati Zoo
3. World Tank: Planted Aquarium and video
4. Vacations: San Francisco Foggy Coast More...

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Beowolf 2007

We went and saw Beowolf last night. The movie isn't that bad. The story line is old; the acting is decent. But there are some caveats.
1. You must see it in 3-D only.
2. You must see it in IMAX as well.

We saw it in 3-D only. While it was fun to see a 3-D movie, some of the scenes and thus the 3-D effects were cut off by the smaller screen. Everyone says the dragon scene at the end is worth the entire movie. While it was good, it in no way dominated the movie enough to be worth the $14 per person to see this movie.

Overall, I recommend it since it is the first in what looks to be the new in movie genre of this early century, 3-D. Many previews before the movie; 1/2 in 2-D; then a second half in 3-D.